Official Student Media Body of TNMC & BYL Nair Ch. Hospital



Fundamentaly designed on the lines of official logo of TNMC by Priyanka Paliwal (MBBS Batch-2018), this logo of The Herald has linked it with the soul of TNMC:

  1. The staff with a snake curled around is the the Rod of Aesculapius, the ancient mythical god of medicine.
  2. The Network of dots and lines around signify the digital network Herald strives to use to connect everyone together.
  3. The open book at the bottom signifies the golden way of publishing on paper that Herald strives to do via its newsletters and the yearly magazine.
  4. And the semi-arc on the top signifies the major reason that gave birth to Herald in the first place: A common platform for all elements of Nair to come together!