Official Student Media Body of TNMC & BYL Nair Ch. Hospital


Ayushi Payghan

MBBS Batch 2019

Magazine Secretary and Head of the student media body of Nair (2022-23)

I feel that it’s nothing but a work of art to be able to rearrange just 26 alphabets into countless meaningful sentences: Sentences and words which have the potential to make an impact and create a difference, afterall, a drop of ink may make a million think!

I see the college newsletter and social media handle as a way to acknowledge the good deeds of our prestigious institution and as a medium for Nairites to express their thoughts and feelings. College magazine filled with synopses of various events, pictures, illustrations and articles is like a memory lane for Nairites to cherish forever.

The position of magazine secretary has enabled me and my team to be an integral part of this remarkable process, bring in new ideas and enrich it. Looking forward to gain enormous experience on the way.